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In a tribute to the community and to celebrate what the city embodies, the Lakeland Magic will change their name, logo and jersey to the Lakeland Swans for one night only on Friday, March 22.

Upon the team’s arrival in Lakeland, the organization reached out to the community to help name the team that would soon call Lakeland home. Many locals voted for the team to be the Lakeland Swans. “We wanted to give a nod to those that voted so that they could see the name come to life.” Wilkes said.

The Magic introduced the new name at a tip-off event held at Lake Morton. Lakeland Magic President Shelly Wilkes, General Manager Anthony Parker, and Head Coach Stan Health were joined by the entire Lakeland Magic team. Lakeland Mayor, Bill Mutz was also in attendance for the announcement. “The Lakeland Magic have embraced the local community from day one and to see the team become the Swans just emphasizes their dedication to our city.” Mayor, Bill Mutz said.

The team will wear specialty jerseys representing a swan that will be auctioned off during the game with all proceeds benefiting Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine, the organization that serves as host to Lakeland’s annual Swan Derby. “The community has been so supportive and we wanted to do something to show our commitment to the city.” Lakeland Magic President, Shelly Wilkes said. “It’s about Lakeland’s history and bringing that to life.”

The Lakeland Swans will take on the Raptors 905 on March 22 at 7:00PM at the RP Funding Center. All Lakeland Electric customers will receive four complimentary tickets when they present their statement at the Box Office on the night of the game. Fans will also have the opportunity to take pictures in Lakeland’s historic Swan Derby boats. The game will include special theme music, in-game performances and more.

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Upon landing in Lakeland, we had all our ducks in a row (bada boom) except one small thing… a name. We asked the community to help decide. After all, we’re your team. In the process, we gained an even greater understanding of the passion the community has for the city and how proud Lakeland is of the beloved Swan that we find floating beautifully in nearby Lake Morton. When a number of submissions rolled in casting votes to call the team the Lakeland Swans, we weren’t surprised. And even somewhat flattered.

To give a little background, those outside the city limits may have heard of Lakeland’s nickname, Swan City, but to locals it’s much more than that. Many different cities have swans floating in a scenic lake, so what makes the swan so special that it became a part of Lakeland’s identity?

Enter, Queen Elizabeth II.

The swans that once occupied our local lake had slowly disappeared and word began to travel. Word traveled all the way to former Lakeland residents who were now living on an Air Force Base in the United Kingdom. The couple reached out to the Queen asking if she would be willing to donate a pair of her royal swans to our city. She agreed and after working out quite a few logistics, the royal swans made their way to Lakeland. The locals understood the importance of receiving such beautiful creatures from royalty and would continue to treat them as such. The swans would become not only a Lakeland icon but a symbol of the community.

We love our swans and well… we love Lakeland. #LKLDSwans